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Dear EFI Members:

2007 will be an important and exicting year for our Society.

Both the scientific and the professional activities are developing strong and will undergo further integration. I would like to highlight 3 recent initiatives that will be translated into action in 2007.

President's ImageFor the first time in history, EFI has been granted full partnership in an EC funded project under the auspices of the Directorate General SANCO. The “Poseidon” project will include the participation of EFI in the area of standards, quality control and accreditation as well as on education and communication.

EFI has joined a consortium of organizations whose aim is to unsure the coordinate development of quality assurance and accreditations schemes in cell therapy (AHCTA). The alliance will benefit from our pioneering expertise in this field. On the other hand EFI will be more prominent and gain an official interlocutor status the partners as well the authorities at the national, European and international levels. The alliance will promote the recognition of the activities of our laboratories.

I have taken the initiative to strengthen our cooperation with ASHI on several issues. EFI and ASHI will initiate together a series of Focus interest groups that are intended to explore topics of interest for our future development: pharmacogenetics and proteomics will be the first ones.

Furthermore we will work to achieve together a better identification and recognition of immunogenetics by other international scientific societies/organization in fields such as transplantation, genetics and immunology.

Also given the foreseeable explosive number of HLA Laboratories world wide that will require QC and accreditation in the years to come we will work together (EFI/ASHI) and with other regional partners/organisation to facilitate this development in a coordinate manner.

Finally there is a consensus that the present mandate of the board member is too short. You will be asked to vote and to ratify at the next general assembly new bylaws that are intended to ensure a better efficacy in the governance of the society.

In the meantime and on behalf of the board I wish every member of EFI and family a successful and Happy New Year 2007.

I look forward to see all of you in Barcelona next May.

The President

Dominique Charron
EFI President (E mail: dominique.charron@sls.aphp.fr

Eulogy for Renée Fauchet

Renee FauchetOur Colleague and dear friend Renée Fauchet passed away this January in Rennes, her beloved home in Brittany. Renée’s achievements have been outstanding and are reflected in the positions she held before her recent retirement as Professor of Haematology of Rennes University and head of the Haematology Immunology Department at Hôpital de Pontchaillou. She was highly respected by her students, technicians and all of her scientific and medical colleagues.

Everyone can remember an occasion that Renée had been helpful to him or her. This has also been my own case not only once, but a number of times when she gave me advice, support and in shared enthusiasm and determination in challenging projects. The one she was the most proud of was the 12th International Histocompatibility Workshop, which I had the privilege to organize with her in Saint Malo. This last HLA Workshop of the XXth century was unanimously remembered as a success and a great tribute to science and conviviality. On both accounts it was Renée’s contribution.

Renée’s scientific career started with Marcel Simon while she was working on the genetics of hemochromatosis. Her work evolved into the characterization of nonclassical HLA class I antigens including new polymorphisms and HLA-G expression. In collaboration with Nuala Mooney, they dissected the role of HLA class II molecules in signalling dendritic cell differentiation and apoptosis.

Renée was not only a scientist, but also a dedicated teacher with many students, technicians and colleagues who have benefited from her lectures. She was able to drive her students to achieve the best. Seriousness, dedication and elegance personified Renée.

Her passing is a great loss for the community she loved so much. She liked to recall the good times she shared with her colleagues and friends from all over the world. As President, I had the privilege to honour Renée with the EFI medal last November. Already ill, she was happy to remember many of the colleagues she interacted with. We will remember Renée by her science, her humanity and her great personality: “quand tu partiras pour Ithaque, souhaite que la route soit longue…” was the quote from K. Cavafy we chose together for the book of the 12th HLA workshop. The road was not long enough for Renée…

In memoriam,

Dominique Charron




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