Minutes of the 2003 Meeting of the EFI Education Committee
(Baden-Baden, Germany)


  • G Fischer (Austria),
  • E Ivaskova (Czech Rep)
  • P Santos (Portugal)
  • B Vidan-Jeras (Slovenia)
  • R Zunec (Croatia)

Traditionally the members of the education committee were designated from the various countries. However, the activity of the committee was esteemed low. Therefore a new formation was decided and proposed to the EFI board that accepted the proposal.

The following areas were defined as main activities of the Education board:

  • Educational Bursaries
  • The organisation of Teaching Sessions for EFI conferences
  • An inventory of educational activities in the various countries
  • A contribution to the EFI web page.

The organisation of the inspector's workshop should be performed in collaboration with the accreditation committee that has already assigned J. Mytilineos, J. Martorell and G. Fischer as organisers.

The following persons were designated as coordinators for the activities:

  • Bursaries (B Vidan-Jeras, E van den Berg-Loonen, C Raffoux)
  • Teaching Sessions (R Zunec, G Fischer)
  • Web Site (P Santos)
  • Inventory of Educational Activities (E Ivaskova)
  • G. Fischer would continue to act as chairman until the next year.

It was decided that all sections of the Education committees would provide SOPs that regulate the organisation and activities.


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