Report of the EFI Education Committee for General Assembly 1999

The commissioners and national representatives of the EFI education committee met on April 15th, 1999 in Crete.

Last year a list of "donor" and "recipient" laboratories was composed. The list has been made available through the EFI website and is updated regularly. The first exchanges between labs are being realized at this moment.

This was very much stimulated by the fact that the EFI board decided to yearly grant a number of bursaries for educational purposes. The board appointed a 3 person committee to decide about these bursaries. The amount of money available was raised this year and the deadlines for application are the first of january, may and september of each year. After one year the bursary program will be evaluated.

Many laboratories wanted to be trained in sequence based typing and last year it was decided to organize a one week training course on SBT. This course will take place in Vienna from june 7-11 1999 and is especially intended for EFI members of central European countries. There were more applicants than can be accomodated, which may result in a second course in the forthcoming year. During the meeting with natioal representatives it was proposed that we leave the rather artificial division in regions. The board agreed with this proposal. Thus the EFI education committe now consists of the national representatives and the chairman.

Although heterogeneous, in almost all countries educational activities are now planned for the coming year.


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