Report of the EFI Education Commitee, Strasbourg 26-03-1998

The commissioners and national representatives of the EFI education committee met on March 26, 1998 in Strasbourg.

A second questionnaire had been distributed prior to the meeting to all national representatives and the analysis was discussed. 22/27 countries replied to the questionnaire representing 394 HLA laboratories. In all countries educational activities are now planned for 1998.

A list of "donor" and "recipient" laboratories was composed. Laboratories wishing to acquire specific skills or techniques were placed on the donor list, whereas laboratories willing to receive and teach visitors were put on the recipient list.

These lists will now be distributed to the commissioners in order to enable donor laboratories to contact recipient laboratories or vice versa. The commissioners will act as intermediates in this process.

  • A substantial number of laboratories asked for training in Sequence Based Typing.
  • For this special subject it was suggested to organize a one week training course on SBT. G. Fischer (Vienna) and E. van den Berg-Loonen (Maastricht) agreed to explore the possibilities.

Also a list was made of programs available in the European Community to raise funds to support the exchange of scientists between labs.

  • This list will be distributed to all National representatives.

The committee agreed to communicate in the future as much as possible by email and internet.

Dr. Ella M. van den Berg-Loonen, chairman of the EFI Education Committee, 2 October 1998


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