EFI Constitution - Continued

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    Article 24 (Amendment of the articles of association)

    1. Proposals for the amendment of the present articles of association shall be submitted to the Officers at least six weeks before the date of a meeting of the General Assembly so that they can be included on the draft agenda in accordance with article 11, para 4.
    2. The present articles of association may be amended only by means of a resolution of the General Assembly carried in accordance with articles 15 to 19 inclusive at which two thirds of the members are present or represented or by a two thirds majority in a postal ballot.
    3. The President shall ensure that each approved amendment to these articles of associations shall be properly registered with the Tribunal of Strasbourg within three months after which time it shall otherwise be null and void.

    CHAPTER 10

    Article 25 (Dissolution)

    1. The General Assembly may bring about the dissolution of EFI by means of a resolution passed by the General Assembly in accordance with articles 15 to 19 inclusive, only when at least two-thirds of the members of the General Assembly are present at a meeting properly convened in accordance with article 11 or by a two thirds majority by postal ballot.
    2. The Executive Committee shall proceed to the liquidation of EFI dissolved in accordance with the preceding paragraph and shall ensure that proper accounts are drawn up.
    3. An independent auditor shall be nominated by the Officers of EFI to carry out a final audit.
    4. The final accounts and auditor's report shall be submitted to the General Assembly within six months of the ending of the financial year in which the dissolution was voted by the General Assembly.
    5. The General Assembly shall decide on the disposal of any amount of capital of the dissolved EFI to non-profit-making bodies working in the fields of histocompatibility and transplantation.

    Article 26

    The President shall inform, within three months the Tribunal d'Instance de Strasbourg of the following declarations :

    1. Any change in the composition of the Executive Committee,
    2. Amendments to the articles,
    3. Transfer of the Seat,
    4. Dissolution.

    The present articles were adopted by the General Assembly by postal ballot on September 28 1998.


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