EFI Constitution - Continued

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    Article 8 (Officers) (Executive Committee)

    1. The Executive Committee normally consists of six officers and six councillors. The immediate past president is a non-voting member of the Executive Committee for the year following his/her retirement as president. One representative fromthe Council of Europe is also a member de jureof the Executive Committee, but has no vote. The Officers include a President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Deputy Treasurer, Secretary and Deputy Secretary, who are elected in accordance with Article 20, para 3 from among the members of the General Assembly.
    2. Members of the Executive Committee may not receive any salary or honorarium in connection with their function.
    3. The functions of the President are:
      • To convene and chair meetings of the General Assembly and of the Executive Committee or if necessary to designate another member of the Executive Committee as chairman for any one meeting of these bodies;
      • To represent EFI in all dealings with other bodies and persons, or to designate another member of the Executive Committee to act as the representative, subject to the restriction imposed by Article 9
    4. The functions of the Secretary are:
      • To ensure that notices of meetings are sent out, that agendas are prepared in accordance with Articles 10 and 11, and that a proper record is kept of all General Assembly and Executive Committee meetings;
      • To ensure the drawing-up of Activity Reports without erasure or variation, and of prospective programmes submitted for approval by the Executive Committee and subsequent submission to the General Assembly in accordance with Article 21 (Management and financial control)
      • To organise the election of officers and councillors of the Executive Committee.
    5. The functions of the Treasurer are:
      • To collect the membership fees.
      • To ensure the proper maintenance of accounts and vouchers, the preparation of interim yearly accounts, periodic accounts and prospective budgets in accordance with Article 21.
    6. The members of the Executive Committee are elected from among the General Assembly in accordance with Article 20, para 3. The term of office of the Executive Committee councillors shall consist of a period of 3 years, with the possibility of re-election for one further term after an interval of at least one year.
    7. Election of Officers of the Executive Committee
      • The President is elected for a period of two years and shall not be eligible for re-election to the same office. The President-elect shall normally be elected one year before taking up the office of President and serve as President-elect during this period.
      • Treasurer, Deputy Treasurer, Secretary and Deputy Secretary shall be elected for three years and are eligible for reselection for one further term.

    Article 9 (Actions)

    1. The officers carry out the express instructions of the General Assembly and may carry out, separately or together, only such acts of representation, management and arrangements as are in conformity with the aims of EFI and its objectives as determined by the General Assembly in accordance with Articles 3and 6.
    2. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph any act involving a financial commitment above a sum to be set by the Executive Committee on the part of EFI shall require the simultaneous signature of two of the officers with the approval of the President.
    3. The Executive Committee shall appoint such standing or special committees drawn from the membership as may be required to satisfy the Constitutions, or as necessary.

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