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    Article 1 (Name)

    The organisation was founded on March 6th 1985 bearing the name: European Foundation for Immunogenetics, hereafter EFI. It is REGULATED by articles 21-79 of the local civil law and by the present articles. It is recorded in the Register of Associations in the Tribunal d'Instance de Strasbourg under No XXXXVIII No 70. The name European Federation for Immunogenetics was adopted on June 11 1996 and recorded in the Register of Associations on 17 January 1997.


    Article 2 (Seat)

    EFI has its seat in Strasbourg, 10, rue Spielmann (E.T.S.).


    Article 3 (Aims)

    The purposes of the Association are:

    1. To support the development of Immunogenetics in Europe as a discipline of medicine and promote research and training in this field.
    2. To provide a forum for exchange of scientific information and to reinforce the skills and knowledge of young scientists and others working in the field.
    3. To create a formal organisation of workers in the field of immunogenetics, histocompatibility testing and transplantation.
    4. To develop recommendations for the standardisation of techniques, quality control and criteria for accreditation and to support their implementation.
    5. To promote the organisation and use of immunogenetic data bases.
    6. To develop relations with organisations with similar aims.

    The association shall abstain from any type of political activity.


    Article 4 (Composition)

    1. EFI is represented by a General Assembly and an Executive Committee.
    2. EFI may be representedfor any purpose whatsoever only by persons who are members of the General Assembly.
    3. The Association consists of full members, corporate members and honorary members.
      • Eligibility for full membership requires evidence of continuing active involvement and expertise in a clinical or research histocompatibility laboratory, or in a laboratory performing work related to immunogenetics. An application for full membership must be supported by at least two sponsors who are full members of the society
      • Corporate membership may be offered to any person or institution who wish to support and be associated with EFI. An application for corporate membership must be supported by two sponsors who are full members of the Association.
      • The status of honorary member shall be offered to past presidents and to other individuals for their distinguished activity in immunogenetics as proposed by the Executive Committee and ratified by the General Assembly. Honorary members do not pay membership fees.
    4. The amount of the membership fees is approved annually by the General Assembly. Membership fees may be paid either by an individual or by an institution at the appropriate level as voted by the General Assembly.
    5. Voting rights. Full and honorary members each have one vote. Corporate members may not vote in the General Assembly.
    6. Membership may be revoked and suspension or exclusion pronounced by decision of the Executive Committee.

    Article 5 (Representation)

    The General Assembly consists of all the members of EFI.

    Article 6 (Role)

    The role of the General Assembly is:

    1. To agree to the implementation of the prospective budget prepared by the Executive Committee according to Article 23, in fulfilment of the objectives set forth in Article 3 and to adopt the budget and the programme.
    2. To examine and approve the Activity Report and Periodic Accounts prepared and submitted by the Executive Committee in accordance with Articles 8 and 21;
    3. To elect the Officers and other members of the Executive Committee in accordance with Article 8 (Officers).

    Article 7 (Accountability)

    The Executive Committee is accountable to the General Assembly for the upholding of the interests of EFI and shall, in accordance with the Articles of Association, perform all acts of management or arrangements which it deems necessary or desirable in order to carry out the aims and objectives of EFI as determined by the General Assembly in accordance with Articles 3 and 6.


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