Download Files for EFI Accreditation

All files are made available as PDF's, to read the .pdf file you will need a copy of Acrobat Reader

  • Instructions for Applicants:
    Requests for applications forms should be sent to the EFI Accreditation Office (Click here for address).
    Download instructions on how to complete the application forms (valid 1 September 2007). Download file
    (Updated 10/07)
  • Application Packet A:
    Is intended for use by applicants whose laboratory is not currently accredited by EFI. Laboratories accredited by ASHI will receive EFI-accreditation after evaluation by the regional commissioner of previously completed ASHI forms and certificate(s).
    Example accreditation application form (Packet-A, valid 1 September 2007). Download file
    (Updated 10/07)
  • EFI Accreditation Categories:
    An overview of clinical categories and technical activities for which EFI accreditation can be obtained (valid 1 September 2007). Download file
    (Updated 09/07)
  • Accreditation Program procedures:
    For information on rules that apply to the EFI accreditation program see the Manual of Procedures (version 2.4). Download file
    Costs for the 3-year cycle of EFI accreditation: laboratories pay an annual fee of EUR 650 euro: first year on-site inspection, two years of self-inspection, followed by renewal of accreditation after on-site inspection.
  • EFI Standards:
    Standards 5.5, Effective 1st September 2007 Download PDF file
  • Inspection checklist:
    During on-site inspections (packet A and C) or for self-inspection (packet B), an inspection checklist has to be completed. Download file (valid 1 September 2007)
    (Updated 09/07)
  • Inspector's / Commissioner's / Final Accreditation report:
    Inspectors complete after on-site inspection an inspection report according to a standard format: Download file
    (Updated 09/07)
  • Evaluation of the Accreditation program and proposals for changes in EFI Standards:
    Continuously, EFI evaluates what standards should be applicable to laboratories performing tests in Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics. Remarks on standards arise most frequently during inspections or on completing application packets. If you feel that any of the EFI standards need a change, complete the form that will be evaluated by the EFI Standards Committee: Download file
    (Updated 06/04)

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